Sguera Architecture PLLC | Clinton Hill Landmark Carriage House

Clinton Hill Landmark Carriage House

This carriage house in a historic district of Clinton Hill was converted to residential use and is an example of how adaptive-reuse and historic preservation are both central to Brooklyn’s dynamism. The Landmark Preservation Commission unanimously approved the proposed restoration, preservation and replacement of certain elements of this historic building.

The Commission also noted that the Clinton Hill Historic District Designation Report describes this property as an altered carriage house; and that the building’s style, scale, materials, and details are among the features that contribute to the special architectural and historic character of the Clinton Hill Historic District. The project consists of removing the first wythe of brick throughout the primary façade, and rebuilding the façade, utilizing bricks that will recall the historic brick in terms of size, color, texture, and bonding pattern; rebuilding the historic ornament at the parapet, existing rowlock at the second floor, centered basket-handle arch at the first floor, and entry archway, and reusing existing cast stone decorative elements throughout; reinstalling cast stone scrolls at the stepped parapet, and installing picket-style window guards at three windows at the first floor.

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