Sguera Architecture PLLC | Restaurant Case Study – Workshop Kitchen + Bar – Part 2: Water
Restaurant Case Study for Workshop Kitchen + Bar, Part 1: Concrete. Designs by Sguera Architecture PLLC, Leo Sguera Architect New York

Restaurant Case Study – Workshop Kitchen + Bar – Part 2: Water

The construction permit arrives for a new sewer lateral under the existing concrete sidewalk at the street.

The existing location of city sewer lines is located with digalert.

We used video in the pipe to locate the connection point.

We then ran the sewer line all the way across the project site to the rear of the building where the grease trap was to be located underground and adjacent to the kitchen.

The massive grease trap arrives on site.

The grease trap being lowered into place.

The grease interceptor is placed level with the finished parking lot so that the trap can be accessed and cleaned out at intervals.

Connecting to the trap and sewer line at the kitchen. The floor beneath the kitchen becomes “swiss-cheese” due to all the runs required with the amount of equipment/floor drains required.

Partial plan at kitchen with equipment.

Floor drains connected, health department approved covered base and wall tile installation started as well as new electrical panel install at kitchen.


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