Sguera Architecture PLLC | Restaurant Case Study – Workshop Kitchen + Bar – Part 3: Air

Restaurant Case Study – Workshop Kitchen + Bar – Part 3: Air

Framing the new mechanical mezzanine begins including formwork for concrete bar.


Wall to wall glue lam installed to allow clear access to bar in front of the kitchen.

The vertical wall separating the dining area from the mechanical mezzanine.


Structural openings being framed in the mezzanine floor to receive the large Captive-Aire exhaust hoods which will be connected to large inline exhaust fans suspended from the trusses in the mechanical mezzanine.

Hoods hung and stainless steel backsplashes installed.

One of two large Inline exhaust fans arrives on site.

Building section at the mechanical mezzanine showing the suspended inline exhaust fans and their ducting running to the least visible side of the historic building.

One of many air handlers to be suspended from the ceiling for supply air to the dining room. The inline exhaust fans will be mounted in the foreground of this photo.

Another massive duct to supply the kitchen.

The evaporative cooler arrives to supply makeup air to replace all the air the massive kitchen hoods eject. Either this the evaporative cooler or it’s the pizza oven. They are about the same size!

New wall created to frame the central aisle of the dining space and hide support spaces (food storage, circulation, access to ada ramp and mechanical ducting).

Brick applied to false wall.

Large trunk ducts from the air handlers run in the ceiling in the service corridor behind the false brick wall.

Branch ducting to concrete booths.

Supply outlets puncture the false brick wall and align to each booth bay.


Final supply outlets within the concrete booths.
















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